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1 October 2015, 17:00 to 31 October 2015, 17:00

photomonth normally takes place for the whole of each October and either side, and features a range of independently produced exhibitions and events coming together in East London.

19 September 2015 to 21 September 2015

The final of three exhibitions featuring new commissions and existing works by leading national and international contemporary artists based in the North West. 

Guest curated by Lynda Morris, the exhibitions offer alternative perspectives on cultural, social, and political change, from different generations of artists who reflect on local and global issues, post 1969 to present day. 
Modern History Vol. II opens at The Atkinson, Southport on 18 August and continues until 8 November.

North Korea, Icons of Rhetoric, Polaroid, Impossible film, nottingham, bonington gallery
18 June 2015 to 10 July 2015

ICONS OF RHETORIC | 북한의 수사학 아이콘

Chris Barrett & Gianluca Spezza @ the Bonington Gallery - Nottingham NG1 4GG


To what extent does the way we receive and perceive images in the digital era affect the transmission and circulation of ideas, ideologies and forms of knowledge?

Does ‘media massification’ pose any ramifications in regards to the current communication climate being a place where ‘the world comes to us, not us going out to the world’?

13 June 2015 to 24 June 2015

The show will be open to the public from Saturday 13 June until Wednesday 24 June 2015.

The Private View will be on Friday 12 June.

The show will take place in the Benzie, Grosvenor and Chatham Buildings on the MMU All Saints Campus.

25 April 2015 to 13 June 2015

Artists: David Alker, Pavel Büchler, Clara Casian, Alan Dunn, The Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books (Rob Carter, Dan Fogarty, Lauren Velvick), Mishka Henner, David Jacques, Tabitha Jussa, Rosalind Nashashibi and Lucy Skaer, Joe Fletcher Orr, David Osbaldeston, Susan Walsh, Gary Wiggins and Jen Wu

18 May 2015, 11:00 to 16:30

The day conference is aimed at anyone wanting to move from single or short series of images towards more compelling and ambitious photographic projects. It is suitable for students and photographers at any level.

29 April 2015, 19:30 to 20:30

An evening with photographer Tom Hunter at MMU. 

23 March 2014 to 8 May 2014

The photographic exhibition Uncovering the Invisible focuses on the diversity of backgrounds and life stories of the people that make up this culturally rich community.

While Latin Americans contribute economically and culturally to the shaping of British society, they remain unrecognised as an ethnic minority in law. These portraits have been taken in a setting entirely chosen by the individual photographed, with a strong meaning and connection to them or their identity.

10 May 2013 to 21 July 2013

Pacha Kuti Ten is an exploration of the hidden, unknown and often forgotten underground environments that exist beneath Birmingham and the Black Country.

The name Pacha Kuti or pachacuti refers to an Inca apocalypse legend, a cyclic time of duality and change that roughly translates as "the time when the world will turn upside down".

15 June 2013 to 19 June 2013

The Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2013 takes place on the Manchester Metropolitan University's All Saints Campus, off Oxford Road. BA Photography is in the Chatham and Link Galleries.

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