Home Sweet Home

Group Exhibition
Framed images on wall
21 January 2017 to 4 March 2017
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Home Sweet Home is a themed group exhibition originally conceived for the Ffotogallery Diffusion International Festival of Photography in October 2015. The title is a response to the festival’s theme, ‘Looking for America’, and takes the sentimental ballad ‘Home Sweet Home’ as its starting point. The exhibition addresses notions of home in relation to nationality, locale, memory, gender, loss, otherness and embodiment. Hamish Gane, Sarah Tierney, Sian Addicott and John Paul Evans are presenting wall-mounted works that vary in scale and quantity. Karen Ingham, Holly Davey, Ryan Moule and Mark Cocks are exhibiting installation works that involve monitor-based video alongside wall-mounted photographs. Peter Finnemore and Christine Shaw are presenting monitor-based video works.

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