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Touchstones Rochdale Gallery; the Nowruz/New Day exhibition.
19 September 2019, 18:30 to 19:30

Nowruz/New Day presents the results of the unique collaboration between the Art Fund Collection of Middle Eastern Photography, assembled by the British Museum and the V&A and the Global Conversations, a group of refugees who meet on a weekly basis at nearby St. Chad’s Church in Rochdale who co-curated the exhibition with Touchstones. The exhibition poses a range of critical questions about the collection of Middle Eastern Photography and, more generally, how the Middle East is presented through the media.

News and Opportunities

FORMAT, QUAD (Derby) and GRAIN Projects (Birmingham) are delighted to announce a new collaborative project that will provide fifteen emerging artists and photographers with a professional development opportunity. This is the third East Meets West collaboration and follows two very successful previous editions.

Redeye is very pleased to be presenting Hothouse in Liverpool in partnership with LOOK Photo Biennial. Taking place on Friday 29 November 2019 at Open Eye Gallery. This day of new photography is a showcase of creative talent and a hive of photographic activity and information.

What's On


© Giles Clarke for UN/OCHA, 2017
11 May 2019 to 26 January 2020

The Imperial War Museum North presents Yemen: Inside a Crisis. A free exhibition of photographs and objects from the conflict in Yemen. Key exhibits will include harrowing images captured by Yemeni photographers, worn Yemeni Rial notes, charity food vouchers, medical equipment used to treat malnutrition and cholera and dog-eared school books. 

Untitled Film Still #21, 1978 © Cindy Sherman
27 June 2019 to 15 September 2019

The National Portrait Gallery presents Cindy Sherman’s first UK retrospective exhibition from 27th June – 15th September 2019. The show will consist of around 150 images, including work never presented in a public gallery. In the age of social media, Cindy Sherman’s work is as relevant as ever with her thorough critical analysis of modern culture and reality.

5 July 2019 to 29 September 2019

MIF19 World Premiere: This installation reflects on the half-forgotten history of Ibrahim Mahama’s home country of Ghana, whose journey from British colony to independent nation was completed barely 60 years ago.


13 July 2019 to 21 September 2019

Since 2009 and with the support of the Art Fund, the British Museum and the V&A have been assembling an important collection of contemporary photography focusing on the Middle East – the Art Fund Collection of Middle Eastern Photography.

2 August 2019 to 29 September 2019

Portraits change the way we understand one another. Whether this is professional photos, selfies on Instagram or snapshots of our friends, the photos that we take of ourselves and each other speak volumes about who we are and who we want to be. Through portraits, we come face to face with someone else: they create a space in which we can challenge the assumptions that we often hold about people. This exhibition presents projects that give us a chance to empathise, to consider the experience of someone else’s life.


25 September 2019, 18:30 to 20:00

Almudena Romero is a visual artist working with a wide range of photographic processes from early printing techniques such as wet plate collodion, to new technologies including 3D scanning. Almudena uses photographic processes to reflect on issues relating to identity, representation and ideology; such as the role of photography in the construction of national identity, or the link between photographic archives and colonialism.

11 October 2019, 09:30 to 17:30

The State of Photography will consider, explore, debate and review how photographers and photography practice develops and responds in this political moment. How do we look at our world today, how do we collaborate and work with communities and what does the world look like to photographers?

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