Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer membership discounts for the unwaged?

Yes, if you expect to be unemployed and on very low income for at least a year; select the Concessionary Membership option after you click "Join Redeye". If you're not sure if you are eligible please contact us explaining your circumstances.

Where do I get news of commissions and opportunities for members only?

If they're time-sensitive, they're emailed to you. Also most member-only opportunities are listed in the News & Opportunities section of this site. You will need to be logged in using the email address and password associated with your membership to see them.

What's the difference between Subscriber and Member? How do I know if I'm a member?

By "members" we mean paid members - if you have paid your membership fee within the last year you are a member. To upgrade from subscriber to member, when you're logged in, just click on the green "Join Redeye" button and you'll go straight to the form.

What can I put on a Portfolio page, and how do I do it?

You can upload any number of images (but only 13 will display), plus a short biography, contact details, and choose up to 6 specialisms, which are searchable by anyone looking for a photographer.

After you've joined, log in via the link at the top of the page; Click "My account" then click "edit" to change your details, or "Go to your portfolio" then click "Edit your portfolio" to add or change images.

Can I pay monthly or by direct debit?

Yes. Click Join Redeye, select your membership type, then choose "GoCardless" Direct Debit at the checkout. 

GoCardless is a UK-based, independent, regulated and secure Direct Debit service. You'll need to enter your bank details when using the service, but we don't see those. When you sign up and then each time a payment is made, you'll get an email, and you can amend your preferences at any time from a link in that email. Their charges are lower than PayPal whoch enables us to reduce the price of membership.

Please note when signing up via direct debit you are agreeing to pay for a full year's membership and are required to pay the DD amount for a full 12 months. If you wish to change from DD to one-off payment mid-way through your membership, please get in touch to arrange this with a member of staff.

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