It's Your Business

31 January 2022, 19:00 to 12 April 2022, 20:30

It’s Your Business is the essential course in business for photographers of any genre, completely restructured for online delivery in 2022, and adapted for the challenges of the post-pandemic era. It's the leading course of its kind in the UK, for anyone who wants to make money doing what they love, to tighten up their photographic or artistic business, and be able to work more effectively and make more impact.

It’s delivered by Redeye staff and leading professionals from across photography. 

The full It's Your Business course takes place online, using Zoom, on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 31st January to 5th April 2022. You can also book onto any individual sessions, with those bookings open from 24th Jan 2022. The price of the course is kept as affordable as possible with individual sessions priced at £12.50 to £16.50, and the full course, which also includes some extra sessions, email support and access to recordings of all sessions for the whole of 2022, priced from £145 to £190.


This year for the first time we are delighted to have the support of The Photography Show & The Video Show in the form of funding or part-funding a number of course places for those on a low income. These are called “bursary places”. There is a simple process to apply for a bursary place, and you need to apply by 20th January 2022. To apply please download and complete either the PDF or DOCX version of the form below.

Free Taster Sessions

Want to find out more before you commit? We have two free online intro and taster sessions. The first is on Zoom on Tuesday 11th January 2022 from 6pm to 7pm. A second taster on 17th January at 7pm to 8pm is hosted on The Photography Show & The Video Show website.


The Events


Business Philosophy and Principles

Setting Yourself up for Success as a Photographer (Monday, 31st Jan - NB 5:30pm to 7pm)

Starting a Business (Tuesday, 1st Feb)

Earning from What You Love (Tuesday, 8th Feb)


Business Organisation

Pricing, Copyright, Law and Organisation (Tuesday, 15th Feb)

Project Management (Monday, 11th April)

Workflow (Tuesday, 22nd Feb)

Ethics and Accessibility (Monday, 28th Feb)

Proposals and Fundraising (Tuesday, 1st March)


Reach, Marketing and Relationships

Marketing, Branding and Platforms (Tuesday, 12th April)

Writing Artist Biographies and Statements (Monday, 14th March)

Networking, Building and Maintaining Relationships (POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBC)


Areas of Practice and Income

Commercial and Editorial Photography (Tuesday, 15th March)

Wedding, Portrait and Social Photography (Tuesday, 22nd March)

Socially Engaged / Participatory Photography and Working with Groups (Monday, 28th March)

Exhibiting and Art Sales (Tuesday, 29th March)

Print and Publishing, Books and Zines (Tuesday, 5th April)


Recap and Consolidation Sessions

For those with full course tickets, these sessions will offer advice and exercises to refine and improve your own business model. Taking place on Monday 21 Feb and Monday 21 March.



Please download and complete one version of the bursary form below, and return it by email to the address on the form by 20 January 2022.




Who is this course for?
This course is open to all. It’s particularly aimed at photographers and photographic artists either interested in setting up their own photographic or creative visual business, or in the early stages (first 3-4 years) of it. It will also be useful for anyone working as a photographer who is planning a change or feels their business could do with some refreshing, as well as recent graduates.

As with all Redeye’s events, the course is informal, friendly, welcoming and a safe space. We encourage attendance from all sections of the community regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or social class. We want everyone to be able to access this course so if you have any particular needs or restrictions, please let us know so we can work with you. 

The 18 sessions run across various dates in January to April - see above for a breakdown of dates.

Each session runs from 7pm until 8:30pm unless noted above.

Online! You will need an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet. These events will take place over Zoom.
Full course tickets are £145 for Redeye members and £190 for non-members. If you would like to apply for a bursary (reduced price) place, please download the form below. Tickets for individual sessions available from 24th Jan 2022.



Can I apply from outside the UK?
Yes, you can apply from anywhere in the world. The course is conducted in English. Some of the content is aimed at a UK audience, for example details of funding sources, business support and the law.

What does the email support consist of?
If you need clarification or further explanation of anything you hear on the course, please write to us and Redeye staff will respond.

Are there subtitles for people who have trouble hearing?
Yes, automatic subtitles are provided; they give reasonable accuracy and also provide a full transcript. Please contact us afterwards if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense.

Can I access the recording if I only buy a ticket for an individual session?
Access to all the recordings will only be for those on full course tickets. If you have technical problems attending an individual session we will do our best to share that recording with you. 

What feedback is there from participants?
See below for feedback about the course received last time we ran it.

Are refunds avaiable?
For the full course, we understand this is rather a large commitment and can offer a refund of your fee, less £25 handling charge, up until midnight on 4th Feb 2022. So that gives you the chance to experience the first two sessions and then decide if you no longer want to continue. For the individual sessions our normal refund policy applies.


Illustration by Brogan Main, graphic designer @brogesworld


We had feedback from ten of the participants at the last version of It's Your Business in 2019. These are published below.

"I am so grateful to Redeye for the course they have created. The support, guidance and advice that is available during these workshops is full of care, consideration and has great context and intention. I left the course feeling like a different photographer! My confidence has grown, I now have a strategy to sustain myself and I understand what my vision and purpose is as a photographer. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to photographers looking for direction and ways to develop themselves. Thank you so much to the Redeye team. I am forever indebted to you for all that you have done for me!"

"Fantastic series of events that one can really learn from relating to the business of photography from Redeye. Great to get insight from industry professionals who have decades of experience and are willing to share their wisdom with those at the early stages of their journey."

"I feel that it was welcoming, well balanced, instructive and highly motivational. I know that my photographic career will benefit hugely from attending these events."

"Whether you're a full-time professional or just starting out on your photographic career, the 'It's Your Business' series of talks are indispensable. I honestly cannot praise the course and its organisers highly enough."

"Really well informed and super relevant sessions in a supportive and constructive environment."

"I suddenly saw new ways to earn a (small) living from art. I will also become an artist in residence soon. It was a revelation. I had no idea these things were possible."

"I found the whole experience interesting and very informative. All the speakers gave advice that I could not get anywhere else, and the way that Redeye encourages the participants to work together / feedback to each other is really great."

"Could not recommend these workshops enough. I've benefitted from all of them greatly, and will be putting it all to good use in the future."

"The course was incredibly useful in terms of filling in some of the gaps between university education and the commercial photography world."

"Redeye events, and this one in particular, 'It's Your Business' helped me to think about my business as a whole, on a professional level something photographers don't do often enough. I would recommend you attend, if you are an emerging or mid career artist and need some business support and advice, this is a really great platform to learn from a number of experts, and also network with others in the same position. I also think it is great that you can choose which days you can attend, according to what is relevant to you, rather than having to pay for every session. Thanks Redeye team!"

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