Setting Yourself up for Success as a Photographer​ with Zoe Whishaw

Monday, 31st Jan 5:30pm - 7pm




We are delighted to start It’s Your Business with one of the UK’s leading and most respected mentors in photography, Zoe Whishaw. In this session, Zoe covers the fundamental questions every photographer needs to ask themselves: what work they really want to do; how they might shape their career, and the steps they need to take to get there - the move from emerging to professional photographer. 


Is running a photography business the right thing for you? Zoe explores what it takes to attract potential clients to use your services and the essential characteristics and personality traits that you need if you are to be successful. She also discusses how important it is for photographers to develop a brand in what is a very congested creative arena. She considers the following questions: how to know when you’re ready to become a pro, markets for a professional photographer, developing a photographic niche, the characteristics art buyers and photo editors are looking for in photographers, creating compelling websites, when to find an agent and how to find a good one, and how to market your work successfully.



Please note the earlier start time for this session; 5:30pm!




Zoe Whishaw is a Commercial Photography Consultant and Mentor providing creative direction and strategic advice for photographers at all stages in their career who what to take their practice to the next level. She runs workshops and seminars as well as one-to-one sessions with photographers who need bespoke, objective advice to help build their brand, focus their creative direction and plan marketing initiatives to gain competitive advantage.

As a seasoned Editor and Art Director, Zoe has had many years of experience analysing and critiquing imagery across a broad spectrum of genre and subject areas. Zoe developed and contributed to the success of leading media company Getty Images, where she worked for 17 years in senior creative and strategic positions, latterly as European Director of Photography.

She has been on the judging panel of a range of national and international photography competitions, including the Association of Photography Awards, Wildlife Photographer of the Year and ArtGemini Prize and regularly conducts portfolio reviews at industry events.

Twitter: @zoewhishaw

Instagram: zoewhishaw





Who is this event for?
This event is open to all. It’s particularly aimed at photographers and photographic artists either interested in setting up their own photographic or creative visual business, or in the early stages (first 3-4 years) of it. It will also be useful for anyone working as a photographer who is planning a change or feels their business could do with some refreshing, as well as recent graduates.

As with all Redeye’s events, the course is informal, friendly, welcoming and a safe space. We encourage attendance from all sections of the community regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or social class. We want everyone to be able to access this course so if you have any particular needs or restrictions, please let us know so we can work with you. 



This event takes place on Monday, 31st January, 5:30pm - 7pm, 2022.
There are 18 sessions in the full course which run across various dates in January to April - see here breakdown of dates.

Online! You will need an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet. These events will take place over Zoom.

Tickets for individual sessions are £12.50 for Redeye members and a full price ticket is £16.50. 

Full course tickets are £145 for Redeye members and £190 for non-members. 




Zoe Whishaw, photographed by Emily Hancock


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