DJ Clark won the World Press Photo Interactive award in April 2020 with an extraordinary immersive film, Battleground PolyU, from the peak of the Hong Kong protests of November 2019. We are delighted to welcome him to a Zoom discussion for Redeye.

Culture is “in the driving seat” of political change. For this Rethink Session we welcome two change leaders to discuss how care might be more centrally embedded after Covid-19, and the role of the arts and culture in accelerating that change.

Virtual Critique Surgeries: April 2020

27 April 2020, 16:30 to 28 April 2020, 19:00

Get informal advice on your projects and career during 1-1s with experts in the industry. Our regular Critique Surgeries will be conducted online for the foreseeable future, on one-to-one Zoom meetings.

Stay and Chat

15 April 2020, 16:30 to 28 May 2020, 16:00

In these unsettling times we think that it is more important than ever that we stay connected. Redeye hosts regular ‘Stay and Chat’ sessions; remote meet-ups for anyone to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, strategies for coping and how best to support the photographic community.

The Rethink Sessions

8 April 2020, 17:00 to 9 June 2020, 19:30

Redeye's Rethink Sessions aim to help photographers and artists navigate the COVID-19 crisis; to reprioritise, and find new ideas and income during the pandemic and beyond. 

Redeye's Rethink Sessions aim to help photographers and artists navigate and adapt to the COVID-19 crisis; to reprioritise, and find new ideas and income during the pandemic and beyond. The first of The Rethink Sessions will aim to tackle a couple of the most common questions we have been asked; ‘How do I fund my practice through the pandemic?’ and ‘How can I respond artistically?’.

Juno Calypso is an award-winning photographic artist, working with galleries such as TJ Boulting and Foam Amsterdam, and clients including Burberry. In this talk produced in collaboration with Manchester Art Gallery she will present her work to date.

An evening looking at photography and place. Three artists with diverse approaches will discuss their work about the interaction between landscape and experience, answering the question ‘How does our individual perception alter our interpretation of a place?’.

What’s changing in your life, and how are you coping? What’s on your photographic radar? What does photography need? What can Redeye do?  Please come and share your thoughts and concerns at one or more of our discussion events.

Get informal advice on your career or work during 1-1s with experts in the industry. At this month's critique, we welcome guest panellists Clarissa Corfe, Relationship Manager in Visual Art at Arts Council England, and photographer and lecturer Ben McDonnell in addition to Redeye's Director Paul Herrmann. 


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