Henry Palling talks to us about Lenz Photography Festival

Henry Palling, Founder of Lenz Photography, caught up with us to tell us more about a new photography event opening in Manchester this November. 

One of those things you keep meaning to get round to…

We're researching digital work-flow, how do you manage, store, edit and catalogue images?

Redeye Talent: Melanie Letoré

An introduction to the work of artist and photographer Melanie Letoré and her themes of routine, ritual, intimacy, memory and curiosity.

© Melanie Letoré

Meet the Lightbox Talent

Redeye’s Lightbox is an intensive year-long photography course, which launches the careers of professional photographers through workshops, networking sessions and support from experts in the photography industry. Read on to find out more about this year's talent.

Lightbox Participants, 2017 © John Shinnick

Redeye Talent: Abbie Jennings

Redeye Talent features work from artists and photographers we have worked with or supported over the years. In this feature, we introduce you to recent graduate and Redeye Student Award winner Abbie Jennings.

We are Hull, 2017 © Abbie Jennings

Redeye Talent: Harriet Broom

This week we present to you Harriet Broom, winner of the Redeye Student Award. 

Redeye Talent: Shemel Rose Thompson

Discover both emerging and established talent working within the photographic medium.

New Trafford, 2017 © Shemel Rose Thompson

Redeye's 2016-2017 Highlights

Redeye's 2016-2017 Highlights 
Whilst we are busy working on our next programme of events which will take place from September to March next year we wanted to reflect on everything we’ve hosted as a network in the past twelve months. Take a look at our favourite moments.

Detox from the digital with Libby Nightingale

Libby Nightingale of Chromasia tells us more about the wonders of Cyanotypes, one of the photographic processes that will be covered in our upcoming workshop Digital Detox - Cyanotypes and Salt Prints.  

Why you should come to Commissioning for Change

Why you should come to Commissioning for Change

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