COVID-19 Case Study: June Cadogan

June Cadogan talks to us about how she's been working and her new platform for female photographers for our latest COVID-19 Case Study.

COVID-19 Case Study: Hayleigh Longman

Our latest COVID-19 Case Study, exploring the ways the photographic community is working and staying connected through the pandemic, is with Hayleigh Longman, a photographic artist based in London, UK.

Len Grant - a career in photography

Len Grant, co-founder of Redeye and a driving force in its early days, celebrates 30 years as a photographer this month with a new crowdfunded book. Here he gives an honest reflection on how his career has developed, and the importance of connections and collaborations.

Photo: Len Grant

Experiencing the pandemic - a philosopher's perspective

In April 2020 at the height of lockdown Redeye invited the philosopher Dr Katrin Joost to give a talk reflecting on the effect of the pandemic on all of us, both individually and collectively. Her talk also included reference to the part photography plays in exploring these ideas. The essay below expands on those reflections.

Images: Katrin Joost

Stepping back to jump forward

In mid-April 2020 Redeye invited colleagues from Company of Mind, Adrian West and Sophie Brown, to talk online to artists and photographers about how to adapt creative businesses to the coronavirus pandemic. They shared some useful ideas about how to think about and picture businesses in a way that enables us to see what we might change for the better. In this article Adrian and Sophie explore those ideas a bit further.

COVID-19 Case Study: Rebecca Burns

Our COVID-19 Case Studies are a new strand on our blog celebrating the different ways the photographic community is working and staying connected through the pandemic. Rebecca Burns speaks to us about her project Server Artwork and how she is adapting to life in lockdown.

COVID-19 Case Study: Rachael Munro-Fawcett

Our COVID-19 Case Studies are a new strand on our blog celebrating the different ways the photographic community are working and staying connected through the pandemic.

Rachael Munro-Fawcett is a UK-based documentary photographer whose work examines the interconnectivity between people and their environments.

Coronavirus - resources

There's a flood of information at the moment as everyone struggles to get their heads around the coronavirus pandemic and its implications.

This page summarises the most useful information we are aware of, and is updated regularly. If anything is wrong or needs adding, please email us, or send a direct message to @RedeyeNetwork on Twitter.

Working through the coronavirus pandemic

Everyone’s work is likely to be affected by coronavirus during 2020. Although it’s obviously a challenging time, for many, it gives the opportunity and impetus to try new things. On this page we've got:

The studio of WW Winter in Derby, one of the world's longest lasting photography businesses. Photo: Paul Herrmann

Setting up a community photography group

In 2019 the photographic artist Lāsma Poiša set up Snappy Valley, a photographers' group in the Yorkshire town of Todmorden, and it's proven a great way for residents to develop their creative photography style in a supportive and structured setting. Here Lāsma writes for Redeye about the experience and the results so far.

Photo: Nerissa Roberts
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