Spotlight on: Hayleigh Longman

Initially, I started thinking about my life, family, and reflections of growing up. It got me thinking about my childhood home. My hiding spaces at home were important areas for me to daydream and play.

Spotlight on: Leighanna Dickinson

Leighanna was one of four people to win the Redeye Talent Graduate Award last year. We caught up with her to talk about the inspiration and development of her graduation project...

On Seclusion and Intellectual Democracy: Thoughts from the National Photography Symposium

The role of photography is dependent on perspective, the importance of exposing your mind to new or alternative ideas is essential to the development of both the medium and your individual attitude to the world.

NPS 2018: Spotlight on...Sian Bonnell

Sian Bonnell is a UK based artist, curator and publisher living and working in West Yorkshire and is currently Reader in Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University.

NPS 2018: Spotlight on...Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is a visual and historical anthropologist who is currently Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Professor at VARI (the Victoria and Albert Museum Research Centre) in London. Until 2005 she was Curator of Photographs and Lecturer in Visual Anthropology at Pitt Rivers Museum/University of Oxford before leaving for academic posts. Now retired, she is Curator Emerita at the Museum, Emeritus Professor of Photographic History at De Montfort University, Leicester, and Honorary Professor in the Department of Anthropology, University College London.

NPS 2018: Spotlight on...Thierry Secretan

Thierry Secretan is a French photographer and writer, published in publications including The New York Times, Le Monde, Libération, GEO, Stern, The Observer, El Païs, Newsweek, and le Figaro Magazine. He is the author of five books, twenty documentary films as well as numerous photographic exhibitions all over the world.

An interview with Denis Thorpe

It’s 70 years since the great photojournalist Denis Thorpe started working in newspapers. He celebrates this anniversary with a new exhibition and book, both called A View from the North. Redeye’s Paul Herrmann talked to him about his career.

“It was fantastic to have started with this small camera and with it actually get that moment in time. The thrill, the satisfaction, to be able to capture atmosphere and emotion even in dreary half-light…” - Denis Thorpe

Crewman at the helm of Grimsby trawler Lincoln City from Trawlermen, 1958. Photo Denis Thorpe

Remembering Nitin-Kumar Patel

We were very sad to learn of the death of Nitin-Kumar Patel, who served on Redeye’s board of directors from 2015 to 2017. He died on 27th August 2018 at the age of 56, after a three-month illness.

Nitin began his working life as a youth and community worker, then a probation officer and social worker. His natural flair for balance, fairness and public service saw him progress in the staff association for probation officers. He became National Chair of the Association of Black Probation Officers in 2001, and then Vice Chair of the National Association of Probation Officers.

Nitin-Kumar Patel in his workshop

Spotlight on: Matthew Murray

Saddleworth Moor is a landscape that is engrained in the psyche of British history for all the wrong reasons. A macabre burial ground chosen by child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley to conceal at least three of their victims over 50 years ago. But in Matthew Murray’s recent exhibition and publication ‘Saddleworth – Responding To A Landscape,’ Murray has allowed us to engage with the landscape diffusing our uneasiness to its dark history and replacing it with a stunning visual narrative and a desire to absorb it’s dark and dignified magnitude.

Redeye Talent: David Gleave

By Josh Turner

On any given day, walking the streets of Manchester, you could be subject to an experience of immediate intrusion, just for a moment, after which all quickly becomes calm again.

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