Wedding, Portrait and Social Photography with Guille Ibanez

Tuesday, 22nd March 7pm - 8:30pm




Commercial and Editorial Photography with Toni Mccoy-Hopwood

Tuesday, 15th March, 2022; 7pm - 8:30pm


Marketing, Branding and Platforms with Hawwa Alam

Tuesday, 12th April 2022; 6pm - 7:30pm


*Please note the earlier start time of 6pm


Visibility is everything. Creative careers are being made through social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, but for some this is a difficult and even confrontational environment. 

Writing Artist Biographies and Statements with Laura Robertson

Monday, 14th March 7pm - 8:30pm



Imagine if the next email you wrote was so powerful that it captured the attention of your dream client. 


Project Management with Shereen Perera

Monday, 11th April 2022; 7pm- 8:30pm




Are you interested in aiming higher, working with others, or delivering creative projects with more impact? 

Senior Producer, Shereen Perera, talks through the process of delivering a project from start to finish and how to work with a team to achieve shared goals. She investigates the scope for artistic projects, the development process and how to navigate challenges that arise.  



Ethics and Accessibility with Andrew Thomas and Savannah Dodd 

Monday, 28th February 2022; 7pm - 8:30pm



Proposals and Fundraising with Debbie Cooper

Tuesday, 1st March 7pm - 8:30pm




Writing proposals is fast becoming an essential skill for most photographers; if you want to apply for commissions, create partnerships, public engagement projects, or raise funding, to do any of these things you’ll need to write a compelling and coherent proposal, application or bid.


How do you translate the creative idea in your head into a document that others can read, and quickly understand your concept?


Earning from What You Love with Esther Teichmann and Ibrahim Azab

Tuesday, 8th Feb 7pm - 8:30pm



Print and Publishing, Books and Zines with Tom Booth Woodger

Tuesday, 5th April  7pm - 8:30pm


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