In these technological times, it’s good to take time out and try something a little slower and older. This is one of a series of two workshops giving an insight into, and hands-on experience of, more traditional printing methods. Tintypes were the first “instant” photographs and became popular in the mid to late 19th century since they were quick to make and cheap. Sometimes seen as the first snapshots, they encouraged a more informal photographic style.

Who is it for?
The workshop is aimed at any photographer, looking to take a break from the digital and try something different.

About Tin Type Trailer
Michele Selway and Alex Mannion-Jones together have a background that covers photography, theatre, filmmaking and fine art. Recently they launched their newest project: The Tin Type Trailer, a traveling Victorian darkroom.

Michele has been perfecting the Wet Plate Collodion process (the main method of photography between 1850 and 1871) for three years and was enthusiastic to share her expertise with a wider audience. Teaming up with the showmanship of her partner Alex they can now travel to any event, location or educational space to engage the public in the history of photography and the magic of this traditional 19th century process.

Wet Plate Collodion was the main method of photography between 1851 and around 1870. It involves flowing a sticky substance called collodion over either a piece of tin or glass, which is then sensitised in silver nitrate. The plate is then exposed, developed, fixed and then protected with a lavender varnish. It has to be damp all the way through the process otherwise it loses its sensitivity. As the plates are made on tin or glass they are unique: there is no negative. Anyone watching this process gets an insight into the history of photography and the process of development; Tin Type Trailer allows the public to view the magic in their darkroom, as the image appears on the tin from negative to positive.

24 February 2018 from 10:00 until 17:00. Doors open at 09:30.

Jasmine Suite, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EU. The venue is fully accessible. For more information on CFCCA, including how to get there, please follow the link here.

Please book your ticket using the links below. You need to be signed to do so. Special discounted tickets for £49.50 are available until the 1st December.  Please note our terms and conditions including our refund policy.

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Image: Michele Selway, Tin Type Trailer

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