Creative light painters Jérémy Palisse and Tim Gamble share their fascinating world of light painting in this member-led workshop.

Light painting is a photographic technique using long exposure photography in a dark environment to capture the movement of any light source. The light can be used to draw, write and create an electric universe of colour. The technique is used for both scientific and artistic purposes, as well as in commercial photography.

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Who is it for?

This workshop is for all photographers and artists (from beginners to professionals) who are interested in creative exposure techniques and the colourful possibilities of light painting in their practice.


The workshop will cover the history of light painting; explore the different techniques, gestures, tools and tips. Local photographic artists Jérémy Palisse and Tim Gamble will share their work and tell you more about other artists before giving you the opportunity to practice and play with light and have fun in the dark.

About the Speakers

Jérémy Palisse, also known as KOMEG, is a French photographic artist living in Manchester. Jeremy is part of the French Light Painting Network (LFLP) and the Light Painting World Alliance. Jérémy has worked on a range of participative projects with different communities: such as refugees, young people and homeless people. In 2016 Jeremy realised a collaborative and participative street exposition in Paris during the French social movement Nuit Debout. More than 200 portraits of people were exposed using the technique of light painting.

Jérémy tells us "I really enjoy light painting because during the long exposure I get the chance to play with light and create my own universe with my flashlight. I love filling the dark with different colours, textures and shapes using different tools, often handmade. I'm very excited to share my techniques in using light painting as an alternative mode of expression."

Tim Gamble is a self-described light painting and long exposure addict from Stockport. He is currently working on his third consecutive 365 photography project - taking one photo each day for a year. Tim's practice involves the construction of light tools and double lens exposures, often shooting outdoors in abandoned buildings, tunnels and caves at night.

Tim tells us "Ever since I saw my first piece of light art about three and a half years ago, I was hooked, and have been building my portfolio ever since. Light painting is an incredibly exciting experience; the effect of illuminating places in complete darkness is magical. The images I create are executed in camera without the use of layers or any Photoshop trickery, which is half of the fun. I'm really looking forward to 'spreading the light' with everyone in this workshop."


This event starts at 18:30 on Wednesday 24th May 2017 until 20:00. Doors open at 18:00.


The event takes place at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU, UK. The venue is fully accessible.


This event is free, but booking is essential. Please register via the link below. Please note our terms and conditions including our refund policy.

Please note our terms and conditions including our refund policy.


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Image: © Jeremy Palisse

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