Redeye is starting a new strand of activities in 2016 - called 'member-led' events.

Redeye's members have got loads of great ideas. Recently some have asked if they can do more to lead or help deliver events under the Redeye banner. Hence 'member-led' events. These are where one or more members might take a significant role in planning, delivery, hosting, introducing, speaking, or other parts of the production. 

We will still put these on the Redeye programme page of our website; we'll sort out the bookings and ticketing, and can help if needed with planning, marketing, a possible venue, and anything else needed. But the members control the content.

We are starting off with some studio visits in summer 2016. We welcome any more suggestions - would you be interested in leading a walk, a workshop, hosting a discussion, or something else? You just need to be a member, and drop us a line.

We are also happy to have suggestions for events as normal, then we do the work. Keep them coming!

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