Redeye Projection 09

13 January 2009, 00:00


Redeye & Open Eye Gallery are looking for original and imaginative bodies of work from anywhere in the world that can be shown in the form of a digital slideshow with accompanying soundtrack.

Running times from 30 seconds up to a maximum of 5 minutes.

We are looking for bodies of work on the theme of Climate Change. These can either be existing or new, and the work can be literal or symbolic interpretations as long as they connect with the general submission title.

The world is experiencing dramatic changes with regard to its social, environmental and economic climates and we are looking for resolved bodies of work which in some way reflect or interpret this current period of flux.

The title / theme is purposely set so as to be open to interpretation and we strongly encourage individuals or groups to be imaginative when considering their final submissions.

The Slideshow event will take place at Open Eye Gallery, 32 Wood St, Liverpool, L1 4AQ, on Wednesday 28th January 2009 between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Free entry. All chosen entrants will be informed by email.

Friday 9th January 2009 at 5.00pm
Tuesday 13th January 2009 at 9am
Please supply in QuickTime (.mov) format, sized at 1400 pixels wide by 1050 high. If you have a choice of video codec (compression type), we suggest you use MPEG-4, H.264 or Photo-JPEG.

Please test the file size and quality of different codecs if you’re not sure. A certain amount of compression is a good thing - it will not affect the quality and will result in a much more manageable file size.

You might already have suitable software in the form of video editing or cataloguing applications. If not we recommend FotoMagico for Mac or Photodex Proshow Gold for Windows. See or

For PC users, please add and compress your image and sound files to a ZIP folder (using WinZip).

For Mac OS X users, select the folder in the finder and go to File > Create Archive.

Create a free account at, upload your compressed folder and share the URL with us by sending an email notification to, with the subject line: Projection09-Submission.
(Important - Please do not e-mail files directly to this address)
Similar services are available at and (for larger files).

OR POST A CD (Files over 100MB)
Redeye, 42 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HN. Please mark the envelope 'Projection 09'.

Include the following completed questionnaire (including questions and answers) in a text file in your submission folder, as well as in the body of your email:

1. Name and address:
2. Home town or other cities you live/work in:
3. Phone Number(s):
4. Email Address:
5. Website URL:
6. Title of project:
7. Actual time / length of Slideshow:
8. Are you a professional artist/ photographer?
9. Can we consider this work for viewing at other Redeye events or on the Redeye website?
10. How did you learn about Redeye?
11. Will you be at the event on the 28th January 2009?
12. Any additional notes/comments:

Timing – the maximum length is 5 minutes. Anything longer will not be considered. Shorter slideshows are more likely to be selected than longer ones.

Borders – it’s usually better not to use borders round your images, unless you want a particular effect, as they reduce the image size and quality. White borders can dazzle an audience and black ones won’t be seen. But please add black strips along the top and bottom or at either side if your images do not fit the 4:3 ratio of 1400 x 1050 pixels.

Soundtrack – ideally, it will contain some kind of narration, voice-over or soundscape relevant to your body of work. If you want a silent slideshow, then make sure there is some explanatory text in the projection.

In general – tell a story with your slideshow. Use the time you’ve got to say something to the audience. The best slideshows are witty, intriguing, atmospheric or moving. You need more than just a row of good photos.

N.B. Please remember the soundtrack is just as important as the images.

For examples of work we like, click here.

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