The latest digital cameras, lenses, lighting and software all promise better resolution, sharpness, noise, colour and flexibility. Unfortunately obtaining all the necessary equipment to shoot quality photography can become expensive. This workshop explores a range of techniques that can improve and optimise the quality of your photographs without spending a fortune on equipment.

Subjects covered to include:

  • What makes a high quality image?
  • Optimising quality using your camera settings
  • Stitching to increase resolution
  • Blending and stacking: using multiple images to reduce noise and change apparent depth of field
  • Low-cost lighting and accessories
  • Lens corrections in software
  • Open Source software and shareware
  • Equipment and studio rental, loan and sharing schemes - riding the changing economy
  • Some little-known photographic bargains.

Who is it for?
Anyone with more sense than money, and who likes taking photographs. Ideally you will have a reasonable grasp of how your own camera works, and be willing to experiment. Bring your camera if possible, and a laptop might be useful if you want to try things on the day, otherwise just a notebook and pen.

About the Speakers

Paul Herrmann is the director of Redeye, the Photography Network. Paul started out as a freelance editorial photographer in the 1980s specialising in social issues, politics and the arts. Alongside Redeye he’s set up a range of photographic organisations and projects including the Look festivals in Liverpool, the career development course Lightbox, the National Photography Symposium and the Northern Photography Consortium. He’s also currently chair of the British Photographic Council, and has recently set up the Photographic Collections Network for photography specialists, archivists, scholars and historians. He talks, writes and advises on a range of business and professional issues in photography.

David Nightingale is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer and instructor, and is the Creative Director of Chromasia Training Limited His clients include the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, the Dubai International Financial Centre, the Arts Council in England, the Van Volxem winery in Germany, Sony UK, and Sony Middle East and Africa.

17 March from 10:00 to 17:00

Jasmine Suite, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EU. The venue is fully accessible. For more information on CFCCA, including how to get there, please follow the link here.

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Whether you are an amateur, enthusiast or working photographer, Redeye Academy aims to give you the best available training, development and support in contemporary photography.

Photo: David Nightingale, Chromasia

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