On 11 April 2018, Dougie Wallace joins us to talk about his life and work, and his unique, and sometimes controversial, approach to social documentary and street photography. One of a series of photographic talks from some of the UK's leading photographic artists, in partnership with Manchester School of Art.

"Dougie Wallace is a man without fear. Just a cursory glance through the Glaswegian’s ever-growing body of work is enough to convince you that he is either very brave or, at the very least, hell-bent on proving himself to be the most confrontational – and divisive – figure on the contemporary photography scene. Wallace’s style is akin to that of Bruce Gilden. His portraits, many of which are taken right in the subject’s face, are big, bold and, at times, repulsive. He’s something of a street photography highwayman. His method is to jump out with his camera in hand, take the image and do a runner while the subject is still regaining their sight after being near-blinded by Wallace’s flash. While this approach to street photography may not necessarily seem like the most ethical, there can be no denying that it is utterly compulsive viewing." - Amateur Photographer

Who is it for?
This event is for anyone who is interested in Dougie's work, social documentary and street photography, and the working processes of photographers. Early booking recommended.

Dougie Wallace 
"What motivates my pictures is human behavior. People’s interactions and emotions fascinate me. My stories are thematic; they have similarities of expressions running through them. My work is informed by societies trends and incongruities and translating what I see into wit, criticism and humorous vignettes. I’d like to think that my photos convey a point of view that’s believable and absurd."

East London-based photographer Dougie Wallace grew up in Glasgow hence his moniker, Glasweegee. He's internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct, direct and occasionally unsettling style of expressive street photography. His books Stags, Hens and Bunnies, A Blackpool Story (Dewi Lewis Media, 2014) and Shoreditch Wild Life (Hoxton Mini Press, 2014) generated critical acclaim and a viral buzz.

Dougie has had a number of solo shows worldwide and taken part in joint exhibitions and photographic festivals around the globe.  His work has been featured in assignments and publications for many internationally respected magazines and newspapers. His Harrodsburg won the inaugural Magnum Photography Award in 2016 and his book Road Wallah is a unique insight into Bombay’s cab drivers, published February 2016 (Dewi Lewis Publishing) and short-listed for the 2015 European Book Publisher’s Award. Dougie is represented worldwide by INSTITUTE Artist & Management Company.

11 April 2018 from 18:30 until 20:00. Doors open at 18:00. 

Lecture Theatre 2, Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Rosamond Street West, Manchester M15 6EB. The venue is fully accessible.

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Photo: Made in Chelsea face-lift duck, Harrodsburg, Dougie Wallace

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