The final career development workshop takes you on a journey through the countless ways you can get work published in print and digitally. Which ways are worth pursuing?

Speakers for the day include publisher Dewi Lewis; Michelle Rowley on the photographic artist's book; photographer Paul Clarke; and picture researcher and editor Octavia Lamb.

Publishing your photography in book form promises an ideal combination of high quality and large audience, but too often books lay unseen and unsold, wasting your time and effort. Magazines and newspapers offer a range of possibilities. Self-published and digitally printed books seem too good to be true, but don't always work for the best. The multiple possibilities of digital dissemination are appealing, but how can you make your work stand out online and onscreen, and give the viewer an experience they'll remember? And is it really possible to earn a living from digital distribution? This workshop looks at:

  • The traditional artist's monograph
  • Other printed outlets for photographic projects including magazine and newspaper
  • The artist's book - handmade and unusual books that stand out
  • Self-publishing books through Blurb, Bob's Books and others
  • Building your photographic web presence to lead to sales
  • Sharing and community websites - Flickr, SmugMug, YouTube are just the start
  • New platforms and software
  • Working with picture editors and researchers
  • Metadata - get your work found.

Times: 10:00 to 17:00

Price: £40 standard, £30 concession, £20 Redeye member All prices include VAT.
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More about our full workshop programme:
Redeye’s career development workshops provide essential, cutting edge information on building your photographic career and business. They run from Oct 2014 to April 2015.
All Sessions take place at Manchester Central Library, St. Peters Square, Manchester, M2 5PD.
The workshops are aimed at any photographer or artist who is considering, or has recently started, working professionally, selling their work, collaborating with others, or who wants their work to be seen more widely and taken more seriously. They look in detail at the key business and professional requirements of practicing photographers. Led by a range of experts from the world of photography, the arts and creative industries, this series fills the knowledge gaps to make sure you are given the very best information and guidance to support your creative careers.
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