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Thierry Secretan is a French photographer and writer, published in publications including The New York Times, Le Monde, Libération, GEO, Stern, The Observer, El Païs, Newsweek, and le Figaro Magazine. He is the author of five books, twenty documentary films as well as numerous photographic exhibitions all over the world.

In 1979, Thierry joined GAMMA and contributed to launching the magazine ACTUEL. After a decade working there, he settled in Ghana and produced TV documentaries for Canal+, BBC, CBS (60'), National Geographic TV, France2, and France 3. Taking up the position of Editor in Chief of Sygma followed, before managing to salvage the Duggan-Cronin (1874-1954) photographic collection in South Africa with Anne Cartier-Bresson and the support of Nelson Mandela, the French Institute of South Africa and De Beers.

From 2005 to 2012, Thierry embarked on a project, sailing his cutter in the North and South Atlantic between the Azores and Cape Horn, to photograph maritime landscapes and sperm whales. This exceptional body of work exhibited at the Paris Biennal of Photography.

In 2013, Thierry was elected president of PAJ (Photographers, Authors, Journalists) - an association regrouping 130 of the most influential French photojournalists. Three years later Thierry took up the role he's currently in. As Chief Strategy Officer at LAMARK, he leads a French startup who invented and patented the first invisible and indelible watermark for photography and video.

Thierry's event at the National Photography Symposium 2018 is on Saturday 3 November at 2pm. His session is:

Who Kills our Metadata?

The internet is driven by metadata. Details like captions, keywords, creator and copyright details are attached to every digital file. Good metadata enables accurate search for images, and also protects creative work. Anyone can create it but very few understand or use it to its full potential, and organisations routinely remove it, despite the law. This session explores the routine removal of metadata and outlines possible solutions.’s Chief Strategy Officer Thierry Secretan will give this presentation.

Click here for the full NPS 2018 programme and to buy tickets.
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