10 November 2011, 12:05

Redeye is delighted to announce its 2004 symposium, the centrepiece of its spring programme, on February 28th in Manchester.

The Symposium is called 'NoPhoto: Privacy, Permission and Personal Space in Photography - a practical guide for photographers.' It investigates the various pressures photographers are under not to take photographs, such as spin, rights protection, legal controls, jobsworths and simple over-cautiousness. It looks at whether any of these constraints are reasonable, and if not, what you can do about it. There are presentations from photographers who work in this area, including Alison Jackson, author of 'Private' and director of 'Doubletake'; a Q&A session with a specialist lawyer; workshops, debate, stands and information. If anyone has ever asked you not to take a photo, then you need to come.

Download the PDF for more details and to order tickets. If this doesn't seem to work, try this: on Mac, control-click and select 'download link to disk.' On Windows, right-click and choose 'save target as'...

Redeye, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU, UK
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