To wrap up 2021, we would like to get together with you for a final event. For this Stay and Chat session online, we welcome everyone to bring along an image of the year. It can be your own or someone else's. We would love to know about a photograph that has meant something to you; encapsulated an idea or feeling; perhaps inspired, intrigued, moved or provoked you this year. What does this selected image mean to you, and why? You may share your image with us before the event, during via a link, or show us it physically through your webcam. 

If you are showing an image by someone else, it's important that copyright is respected. The best way to do that is to share a link to the image online. Or you can hold up a book or magazine where the image is published.

We'll find out at the start how many people want to talk about what they have brought, and divide up the time fairly equally, so everyone gets a short time to show us their thing. It's all very informal along the lines of our previous Stay and Chat events, and as ever you are welcome to come along and participate or sit and listen to the conversation - no need for party fears! A glass of wine or your favourite drink is encouraged but unfortunately not provided, and we will toast the end of 2021.


Who is it for?
This event is free and open to all photographers at any level.

Tuesday 14th December 2021, 7pm - 8:30pm.
Online, on Zoom! Booking will close on Tuesday 14th December at 5pm and we will then be in touch with everyone who has registered with the access link. You will need an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet. This event will take place over Zoom. If you want to show some work be ready to share your screen; if you haven't done it before have a look at this video, or get in touch for more info.

Please register for free by 5pm on Tuesday 14th December to receive your invitation to the event. Although tickets are free, we would welcome donations which all go to building the best service we can for the photography community. You'll have the option to donate at the time you book your ticket, or after the event. 



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