**THIS EVENT IS NOW POSTPONED** Unfortunately we have had to postpone Rethinking your business model. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but we are hoping to reschedule with a new date for this workshop in Spring/Summer 2017.

This event is part of the DEVELOP strand in our new autumn/winter programme;

A two-day workshop designed to help photographers and artists reinvigorate their business model. 



We all get stuck thinking about our professional lives, or feel the need for new inspiration: where are we? where do we want to go? and how do we get there? 


As a photographer or artist, a good business model enables you to stand out in a saturated market, and do the work you really love while making a living from it. For creative people, this is often the side to the practice that is the most difficult to get right. It's useful to take the time to step back and reconsider; to see what you might be missing, and work out the steps you can take to improve your business prospects. 

To move forward we need three things: 

(a)      Structures to break the task up into clear and manageable parts both to see the whole, and to work with it. 

(b)      Methods and inspiration to come up with fresh alternatives and ideas to experiment with and try out. 

(c)       An approach to convert our plans into do-able actions with direction, ensuring that we keep making progress on the ground. 

And we need the time out to work on this with support and encouragement to do so. 

That's what this two-day event is about. You'll use a business model to clarify your current situation; create new options from inspiring presentations by photographers and artists on novel and unusual moves they have taken to build successful careers; use the model you made to understand the new opportunities created; and plan experiments and actions that will achieve the progress and change that you want. 

Participants will come out of the workshop with a clearer understanding of their business and prospects, and a workable plan to help them achieve their goals going forward.

Contributing speakers for this event include:

Company of Mind provides thinking skills to industry, academia, and the public sector - resources for those situations where people's use of their minds is key to success. Their approach is based on an understanding of the underlying architecture of mind. They join up the long-range thinking of “strategy” with tools for moment-by-moment “tactical” thinking, to help participants make practical progress in their lives. They believe cooperation and enjoyment are central to making wise choices and successful outcomes.

Alison Baskerville is a freelance documentary photographer based in the UK, she has covered areas affected by conflict such as Afghanistan, Gaza, Mali, Iraq and Somaliland. A former member of the Armed Forces Alison is still engaged in the aftermath of war and regularly works either independently or on commission for non-governmental organisations and media outlets.

Helen McGhie is an artist based in Greater Manchester; her practice investigates interiority and the photographic gaze through the still and moving image. McGhie recently set up Nightlight Darkroom, a new community space for analogue photography at ArtWork Atelier (Salford), which offers enlarger rental for photographers and darkroom workshops for beginners.

Sarah Fisher is currently the Executive Director of Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool and a freelance consultant specialising in organisational development and arts partnerships with universities, she is also on the board of FACT, Liverpool, and Axisweb, Leeds. Previously history includes leading the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, and Head of Visual Arts, Arts Council NW.

This event starts on Monday 7 November 2016 at 10:00 until 17:30 and continues on Tuesday 8 November 2016 at 10:00 until 17:30. Doors open at 09:30 on both days. 

This event takes place at Chinese Centre for Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester. The venue is fully accessible. 

Please book your ticket using the links below. You need to be signed in to do so. Tickets are £170. Redeye members £140, concession tickets £155.

Who is it for?
This workshop is for working photographers and artists at every level. It's suitable for experienced practitioners that are looking to reinvigorate their business, or those looking to start a creative business. It's highly recommended for anyone who intends to earn a living from their practice.

Image: Charlotte Jopling

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