Photographers and the Law

7 December 2011, 14:00 to 17:00

Photographers increasingly run into legal issues in the course of their work. The most commonly encountered difficulties are in the areas of access & consent, and copyright & usage. This event looks at these issues in detail with plenty of time for questions for our two speakers, well-know editorial photographer David Hoffman, and Robert Machin; Associate, Commercial and Intellectual Property at legal firm DWF LLP.

The continually changing legal position of taking photographs in public causes regular problems. What's the difference between a public place and a private land to which the public have access? What can you legally photograph in either case? What powers do police, security guards and other officials have to stop you photographing? When do you need consent, or model releases?

Meanwhile photographers routinely find their work copied or reproduced without permission, that their metadata has been removed or a client has a different idea about what licensing conditions apply. Some social media websites routinely give work posted on them to the media without payment. How do photographers find the balance of getting their work seen without it being stolen?

This event is aimed at all photographers who want to expand their knowledge in these areas.

On the day you need to buy tickets directly from Cornerhouse either in person or via this link.

Tickets for this event:
£25 standard
£18 concession and unwaged
£15 Redeye member

Photo of David Hoffman: Jo Yates

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