Liverpool Network Meeting

24 March 2009, 00:00

The speaker for the next Liverpool public meeting is Seba Kurtis. The event starts at 7.30pm.

Seba was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1974. He studied journalism and was a political activist. Whilst visiting Europe for the second time in 2001, Argentina fell under crisis. There were no jobs, no access to money from the banks and chaos developing in the streets. He never went back to live in his home country, instead he remained in Europe and worked as an illegal immigrant for over 5 years.

Seba Kurtis' work focuses upon his past personal experience of life as an illegal immigrant, and the life of Mexicans in the US.

He will discuss several of his projects including '700 miles – the changing face of America' a body of work based on an understanding of being a man with no rights and thought-provoking meditation on the uneasy alliance between north America and its spiritual, freewheeling neighbour. Also included in the talk are his works 'A Few Days More' and 'Drowned' which explore the motivations of African migrants to Europe and how tighter border restrictions have made their trip even more treacherous.

Seba now he lives and works in the northwest and his work is currently published in the last issue of foto 8 magazine.

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