Large Format Photography Series

21 November 2011, 10:30 to 5 December 2011, 22:00

Three one-day workshops on large format photography

Large format offers the ultimate in photographic quality. Redeye and Open Eye present a unique series of three one-day workshops to challenge and inspire you. The workshops are aimed at anyone interested in photography, whether or not you have experience of large format. If you've never tried large format you're in for a treat; if you have used it before, this is a chance to take it further.

Numbers are strictly limited. You can book onto any of the three workshops, or book all three together and save up to £30.

Introduction to Large Format: Monday 21 November 2011
This workshop covers the technique of using a view camera, presented by Kevin Turner, one of the UK's leading exponents of large format. The view camera is the most common type of large format camera, offering extended control of focus and perspective. The workshop is broadly based and suitable for both potential and existing view camera users; it will benefit even experienced photographers who may unwittingly be using old-fashioned time-consuming methods.
Using a combination of theory supported by visual aids and limited hands on experience, the workshop will demonstrate:
- The reason for using large format
- The reason for using a view camera for both film and digital capture
- The range of camera movements
- The correct use in each case of parallel displacements, tilts and swings for sharpness distribution, combination tilts and swings, perspective control the easy way, selective sharpness control, depth of field and working aperture determination
- Film versus digital
- Choosing the correct type of camera system
- Choosing the correct lens for both film and digital
- Exposure for reproduction
- Hints and Tips, followed by Q&A

Masterclass with John Davies: Monday 28 November 2011
This is a rare chance to join John Davies, one of the UK's top large and medium format landscape photographers, as he discusses his ideas and techniques out and about on the Liverpool Waterfront. He will talk about different technique for colour and B&W film on large format, and compare digital to analogue. Please note that the workshop will take place whatever the weather, so bring suitable clothing. You can bring a camera if you wish but please make sure you are happy carrying it through the day.

Build your own 10x8” Pinhole Camera: Monday 05 December 2011
This workshop covers DIY large format cameras, shooting and processing with Chris Leyland. In the morning you will build your own 10x8" pinhole camera which you can take away with you (this is included in the price). No particular skills are required for this. In the afternoon you will shoot with your camera on direct positive paper, and process it on site. This is sure to be a day like no other, aimed at inspiring you to try new ideas and techniques. You can bring a sturdy tripod (with the larger 3/8" thread size) for your camera if you like, but it is not necessary.

Booking details:
You can book on the workshops individually or buy a ticket for all three to save up to £30
Ticket links:
Introduction to Large Format - £50 (or £30 concession)
Masterclass with John Davies - £70 (or £50 concession)
Build your own 10x8” Pinhole Camera - £70 (or £50 concession)

**Combination ticket for all three workshops - total price is £160 (£110 concession). **

All prices include VAT. Tea and coffee are included but not lunch.
Concession tickets are available for the unwaged or students. Please bring proof of status.
All workshops start at 10:30, finish approx 17:00, and take place at Open Eye Gallery, 19 Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, L3 1BP.

Refund policy: please note that we can usually offer a refund (less a small admin fee) up to 14 days before an event. Refunds after this time are not normally possible, unless an event is cancelled.


Kevin Turner
Born in Cheshire in 1946 Kevin studied engineering and took up an interest in photography whilst travelling the world as a marine engineer officer. On leaving the navy Kevin studied professional photography at college before a progression of job opportunities led to his position of sales and technical director at The Studio Workshop, the UK distributor for Sinar large format cameras and Broncolor electronic flash lighting. Spending much of his 26 years with the company in photographic studios and colleges enabled Kevin to develop a range of seminars and workshops on view camera technique for both film and digital capture. These seminars regularly updated to include emerging technology were delivered regularly at top UK photographic colleges and through one-day workshops held in London. Kevin spent his later years with the company heavily involved in high end digital image capture with particular interest in developing a view camera system to optimise its potential.

John Davies
John Davies is one of today's most outstanding British photographers; he became famous through his research on the English industrial landscape, observed in vast and detailed views.
"John's work belongs to the world of contemporary documentary photography. Faithful to a refined, pure black and white, taken on as the absolute rule of a subtle, analytic style. He chooses the vastness of space inhabited by the powerful elements of nature and the contradictory ones of culture to operate in two directions. On the one hand, the evocation of emotional states through the photographic rendering of a space-light that is alive, almost metaphysical, and recalls the symbolisation of the forces of nature in Turner. On the other, a crystal-clear gaze that sounds the material aspects of the contemporary landscape which is tied to the development of the productive activities and concrete structuring of the world through the moulding power of economy and property." - Roberta Valtorta, 2000

Chris Leyland
Chris graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000 and is now working freelance as a trainer and award-winning photographic artist. Chris also helped to set up and run a mobile educational photography unit with Redeye and delivered many workshops in galleries and schools. He has also recently begun to expand his educational work as a practitioner with Curious Minds. Chris is the Community Arts & Learning Coordinator for Blank Media Collective.

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