(Photo credit: Drew Forsyth)

Have you protected your photography in a robust way online and offline?

Are you at risk of missing out on payment?

What can you do if you find your photography or visual art copied and stolen?

Some say this is an unfortunate by-product of the internet and social media, but it is possible to be paid for this work by following a few simple rules. Following his very popular session at the National Photography Symposium 2018, we are delighted to be working in partnership with the NUJ to welcome back photographer John Walmsley to explain how to do it. He will cover:

  • Best practice for managing the distribution of your work
  • How to find sites where your work appears without your permission
  • How to identify the cases where payment is likely
  • Dos and don’ts for approaching infringers
  • The essential steps to get paid

Like many other photographers, John reports that he has earned more money through chasing up infringements than he has through legitimate use. In this highly recommended and eye-opening workshop, John will guide you through the crucial steps you can take to identify lost earnings and get paid.  

John says, “The statistics of what I’ve learned through this process are quite staggering. I have personally recovered £45k from government agencies and departments, discovered that one book publisher had exceeded the licences on 600 of my photos in 200 titles worldwide, and found one particular photo of mine has been infringed on over 50 websites.

It is not limited by sector or employer. Infringers include charities, schools, universities, self-employed tradespeople, MPs, lawyers, charities, the police, embassies, governments - another photographer even found one of their photos on the Queen’s website! Which was quickly removed when they got in touch…"


The event

6pm: Doors open

6.30-8.30pm: John will deliver the workshop - you are encouraged to bring your laptops with you to follow instructions, and John will answer your questions

9pm: Event finishes

Who is it for?

Photographers and visual creators at any level, including students, enthusiasts, and professionals. (This really is a fundamental workshop to learn the process.)


The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY.

The venue is accessible - for full details, click here.



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