Artist Talk: Marge Bradshaw

23 February 2023, 13:00 to 14:00

Seizing opportunities and learning from failure. For this event we welcome socially engaged and commercial photographer Marge Bradshaw to share her journey into developing photography as a second career. 


About the Event

Marge will talk about her experience of developing and delivering a socially engaged practice alongside private and commercial clients. Focusing on her projects at Watch Factory (commissioned by Community Integrated Care and Open Eye Gallery) and with Howfen Spaces (commissioned by Open Eye Gallery) she’ll share what’s she’s learned the hard way! Marge will also touch on her new ACE funded Project Grant, ‘Whose Menopause?' and will talk honestly about the process of applying. She’ll share tips for balancing two separate businesses and how she’s responding to the barriers that exist in the arts world.

Trying to work as sustainably as she can, Marge shares her considerations of climate in her practice and how she has used the our Climate Aware Photography course to rethink her ways of working. 


About Marge

Marge Bradshaw is a socially engaged photographer interested in people, place, and heritage. She uses a combination of documentary and environmental portrait photography to share the lived experience of participants; often giving a platform for voices not usually heard. She collaborates with communities to make ‘useful art’ where the process is key and which typically encourages debate, sparks conversation, or raises awareness of important societal issues. 

Her personal creative practice explores loss and fragility. She often draws on public and personal archives as inspiration and uses cameraless processes within her work. 

Marge has previously been commissioned by Open Eye Gallery Liverpool, Bolton Museum & Art Gallery, Warrington Contemporary Art Festival, Museums Northumberland, and Science Museum London. Her work has been published in various national and specialist media including the BBC and The Guardian. She was shortlisted for RPS Science Photographer of the Year in 2019.  

Alongside her creative projects, she also works on private and commercial projects including events, family documentary, brand photography, weddings and civil partnerships. 




Who is this event for?
This event is open to all. It’s particularly aimed at photographers and photographic artists who are interested in socially engaged practice, navigating barriers in the artist industry and working sustainably.  



This event takes place on Thursday, 23rd February; 1pm - 2pm.


Online! You will need an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet. This event takes place over Zoom. It uses the meeting format so you can join in the conversation if you like, but can also keep your camera and microphone off.

Tickets are free and you can sign up below to come along virtually to the talk on the 23rd February; 1pm - 2pm 

Please consider making a donation at the time you book as this helps us to put on more such events.

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