Archiving Through Change

13 November 2020, 13:15 to 14:15

Peer to Peer Panel Six: Archiving Through Change

Chair: Paul Herrmann (Redeye, the Photography Network / The Photographic Collections Network, UK)

Panel: John Tain (Asia Art Archive, HK)

Joseph Chen (Videotage, HK)

Stephanie Fletcher (University of Salford Art Collection, UK)

Melanie Keen (Wellcome Collection, UK)

The basic model for archives and collections remained unchanged for centuries. But in recent years things are moving. We are seeing two fundamental shifts, that have been intensified over the last six months. Firstly, who decides what is in a collection? There is a growing concern about how inherent bias in many collections might reinforce prejudice and undermine change. Secondly, who can access a collection? We have all suddenly become aware that physical access to collections can easily be taken away, so there’s been a rush to digitise, and get archives and collections online. This has opened up incredible possibilities, but also brings its own access issues and can accentuate divisions. This panel discusses both these changes, compares the approaches in Hong Kong and the UK, and considers what the archives and collections of the future might look like.

This is a one hour live online discussion hosted by the panel chair and panel speakers including artists and organisations. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation by asking questions and sending comments during the live online event via the chat functions.

This event is one of seven discussion panels in the programme of Peer to Peer online events. Find out more about the other events taking place online via our website by clicking here.

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Image: Sharon Lee Cheuk Wun ,Same River Twice, 2020, Gelatine-silver prints, 6-channel video, 6 sets of moving images uploaded on google map

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