New Trafford, 2017 © Shemel Rose Thompson

Discover both emerging and established talent working within the photographic medium.

Over the years Redeye has supported the work of many photographers, enabling them to reach their full potential by offering creative development, opportunities and links within the photographic community. We’d like to celebrate the work and achievements of certain individuals that we have worked with in our new blog feature, Redeye Talent.

This time of year marks the celebration of many creative graduates across the UK and we’d like to highlight the success of these newly born artists by welcoming them to our network.

This year we were honoured to offer the Redeye Student Award to three exceptional photographers from North West universities. Each winner received a yearlong Redeye membership , which entitles them to mentorship, event discounts, exclusive opportunities as well as links within the industry and much more!

New Trafford, 2017 © Shemel Rose Thompson 

This week we revisit Redeye Student Award winner, Shemel Rose Thompson who graduated from The University of Bolton last month. Her project New Trafford explores the gentrification of Old Trafford in Salford. Shemel invites the viewer to see the world through her eyes in a series of self-portraits that conceal her own identity and force the viewer to look out onto the developing urban area. Having grown up in the area she uses photography as a form of activism providing a voice for those who now feel trapped within the communities that remain.

We were taken back by the impressive development of this project and the dedication Shemel had given to continuing the work after graduation. Since graduating she plans to pursue a career as a photographer and to continue producing work that forms awareness and affects change in communities. Shemel has also recently won the Neo Artist award, which has given her a yearlong studio residency in Bolton. We’re thrilled to see her embark on her journey in the photographic community.

New Trafford, 2017 © Shemel Rose Thompson 

Redeye is always interested to hear about what you’ve been up to recently. If you have won any awards, have an upcoming exhibitions or just published a book please let us know!


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