Meet a Redeye Member - Verity Milligan

I was rather late entering the world of photography. I’ve always been creative, firstly hoping to be an illustrator, but never quite feeling like I was talented enough. I first seriously picked up a camera when I was 25, but once I started to enjoy the learning curve, I realised this was the perfect way for me to be creative and explore the world. It grew from there through different cameras, styles and has lead to so many experiences and encounters.

I’m a big fan of life in general, and err on the side of the glass being half-full. I think that optimism lends itself well to photography because it means I can find inspiration in things that other people might ignore, like an early, foggy morning or the constant blur of faces. It’s hard to pin down what keeps me constantly taking photos; I’m certainly in love with light, and how it is ever changing. Each moment is so fleeting, and having the ability to capture the uniqueness of a single frame in time feels very special.

This is a tough one because I could probably answer this question several times over. I traveled the world several years ago when I was still very much learning my craft as a photographer. It helped my grow exponentially, but looking back it feels more like a recce, and I would love to return to certain places and explore certain cultures with more depth, such as the island communities in Fiji and the South Pacific, as well as the abundant landscapes and wildlife on the South Island of New Zealand. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to fulfil this aspiration. However, there’s plenty of things in the UK that I would also love to explore, such as the close-knit and dwindling Scottish community in my hometown of Corby, or the coastal communities of North Norfolk.

I’m currently working on a few projects; one concentrating on exploring the abundance of open spaces found in Birmingham and essentially finding natural beauty in an urban environment. I’m also working with organisations who are tackling the challenge of poverty with the view to documenting and highlighting the effects of austerity on communities through the growing need for food banks.

Photography is never a static discipline and there are always situations that can challenge and surprise. I love the diversity of photography, and even through I could narrow my specialised areas down, I prefer to work with different mediums and subjects because that keeps me inspired. I love the people I meet through photography, whether it be someone just interested in my camera, or a client I’m working with, there is always a conversation to be had and a connection to make. Perhaps that’s the greatest joy; through my photography I’m constantly connecting with the world around me.

I hope to keep working on various projects as well as fulfil some of my photographic aspirations. I love to teach and engage with my community so hopefully I can indulge my passion and bring joy to other people. Although a photographer can be quite an isolated figure, I really feel there is endless possibility in connecting and sharing with others, and if I can inspire and support other people, all the better.

If you enjoy photography, keep taking pictures, keep learning your craft and don’t be disheartened by metaphorical brick walls, they are not insurmountable. If you love something, share it, and keep chasing the light. Photography is about capturing the moment, whatever kit you happen to be using, and in doing so, you’re adding a much needed voice to the digital narrative of our daily lives. Never be discouraged and most of all, enjoy yourself.

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