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Redeye, the Photography Network aims to support photographers and strengthen the wider photographic industry. As part of this mission we enjoy visiting university courses in the UK, offering advice and guidance to students wishing to build their experience, confidence and skills in the sector. At the end of each academic year we attend the final degree shows of the courses we have visited; it’s a chance to celebrate the successful culmination of all those years studying with the graduating class of students.  

In 2023 we were invited to the degree shows of the University of Salford, University of Cumbria, Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Bolton. At each degree show we award the Redeye prize which gives the successful photographer support throughout the first year after graduation. 

We’re so pleased to announce another of our awardees – Cinthia Baseler from the Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. As part of the Redeye prize, we invite the winners to do an Instagram Takeover of our account, you can view Cinthia’s starting from this post here.

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Cinthia - find out more about her practice and her final degree show work from Cinthia herself, below:

Cinthia Baseler is an Argentinian photographer based in the UK, interested in ideas surrounding memory and identity. Her work draws from own experiences as a migrant and her family’s dedication to documenting the everyday.

The exhibited images are part of an ongoing project exploring some of her experiences as a migrant. Residing far from my home country, I have encountered a sense of dissonance, where everything that I had known until then feels like it wasn’t real, as if it had been a dream. This fragmented existence between two timelines proposes two parallel universes and leads one to question what is imagined and what is real.

The images presented aim to capture instances where these disparate worlds overlap or communicate with each other as well as conveying the notion of being "there but not there." This project serves as a visual exploration of the intangible spaces that emerge at the intersection of memory and migration—symbolic portals to parallel universes, representing imagination, absence and loss.

The project aims to provide a visual narrative to address the multifaceted and nuanced implications of immigration and explore emotions related to displacement, longing, and the perpetual search for a sense of belonging.



Photo credit: Cinthia Baseler

Discover more about Cinthia and her work here on her website and Instagram:

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