European Photo Festivals 2022

Image of people browsing book stands at Polycopies book fair during Paris Photo 2021.

After nearly two decades of growth, when every city wanted a photography festival as a relatively straightforward way of bringing in visitors and culture, and smart photographers realised the potential rewards of getting involved, what does 2022 bring? Is this year a return to something like normal? A crucial test to see if festivals can keep ahead in an era of pandemics and climate change? Perhaps a flowering of new ideas and liaisons for people desperate for warmth and connection after two years of lockdown - “the roaring 20s”? 

It does seem that some festivals are keeping their options open, planning late and staying flexible; others have rescheduled. Here are the ones we know about in Europe (plus a couple further afield) in 2022. Some are called festivals, some fairs - the latter more focussed on art sales - but we’ve put them all together as there is so much overlap.

We always recommend that photographers visit festivals if they can. If you've never been you can expect lots of exhibitions, books, events and happenings, plus the chance to meet other photography lovers, especially if you can get along at the opening week or weekend. Some also have attached portfolio reviews and conferences.

Any we have missed? Please let us know!












Photo: Polycopies at Paris Photo, November 2021


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