Inspiring visual arts exchange between UK and Hong Kong 
26th September – 9th October 2022


Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 is a programme designed to encourage meaningful cultural exchange and to forge enduring partnerships between the UK and Hong Kong’s visual arts sectors.

As part of the festival, WMA, Open Eye Gallery and Redeye – the Photography Network are co-presenting the ‘Power of Place’, which brought together 13 artists from both the UK and HK come together to exchange thoughts, ideas, researches, feedbacks and photographs. They have been commissioned to create new artworks, exchange and reflect on existing artworks and share their works through social media residences across both UK and HK platforms. 

For this project Redeye has also created the Power of Place Directory. This is a growing inventory of photographers who work in the UK and in Hong Kong on this subject; a valuable resource and inspiration for anyone thinking about how they relate to place in their work.


About our project ‘Power of Place’

Everywhere is important. The way in which we experience a place is ever-changing; virtual, physical, contested, peaceful. Over the past two years many of us have been hunkered down at home and rarely venturing into new places. While the pandemic becomes the new normal, people start to reassess their relationships with places – where we live, work, relax, travel. In many cases our local surroundings have taken on new significance, and the place itself has also become home to extraordinary solidarity and resilience. 

Photographers from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong come together to explore the Power of Place. Crossing barriers of physical distance, this exchange highlights new ways of working remotely. They are interested in the ways that we can establish and build relationships to navigate the new virtual landscape. 


The artists featured are:

UK artists (for Open Eye Gallery and Redeye):

Hong Kong artists (for WMA): 



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Talks and Events during Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022
Talks and events involving artists, arts organisations and specialists from both UK and Hong will be scheduled across the festival period from Sept 26th to Oct 9th 2022. The full schedule can be found here.


Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 is organised by Open Eye Gallery and University of Salford Art Collection with support from Arts Council England

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