• Paul Herrmann, Director
  • Helena Lee, Administration Manager
  • Laura Sumner, Data Manager
  • Rebecca Burns, Programme Co-ordinator
  • Rosie Dale, Research and Marketing Co-ordinator

You can email the staff above individually using the format [firstname] [at]

Alternatively use the "contact" form at the top or "send feedback" form at the bottom of each page.

That form or email is the quickest way to get in touch. If you want to phone the office and leave a message, please call 0845 456 0260.

Freelance staff

  • Helen Jenkins, development advisor
  • Marek Isalski, software development
  • Suelen Poyser, marketing advisor

Board of Directors

The board is responsible for governance of Redeye, and meets quarterly. Directors are either Redeye members who may be re-elected every three years at the AGM, or co-opted for their particular skills or experience.


We bring together advisory groups to discuss strategy, programme and development as and when needed. The members include arts professionals; commercial, editorial and fine art photographers, educators and publishers. We are grateful to the following people who have advised us over the last five years:

  • Aileen McEvoy
  • Bella Probyn
  • Colin McPherson
  • Dave Dennison
  • David Hiney
  • Dinu Li
  • Dympna Gould
  • Ed Horwich
  • Gavin Parry
  • Geoff Crossley
  • Ian Tilton
  • Jill Jennings
  • John Darwell
  • John Davies
  • John Perivolaris
  • Jonathan Keenan
  • Joseph McGonagle
  • Larry Herman
  • Rachel Barker
  • Shereen Perera
  • Thomas Dukes


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