Monday, June 27, 2022 - 23:45
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The Power of Place


Everywhere is important. The way in which we experience place is ever-changing; virtual, physical, contested, peaceful. Over the past 2 years many of us have reassessed how we think about place. Where we live, work, relax, travel. In many cases our local surroundings have taken on new significance. And environmental responsibility could bring long-term changes to the sphere and location of where we practice.

Meanwhile, place is closely aligned with change and geopolitical power - the place as a flashpoint, a keystone of state agendas, and maybe a destination or departure point for those forced to move by war, government policy or natural disaster.

  • Does your photographic work address or revolve around this subject of place or locality?
  • Have you changed the way you work to be more focussed on what is geographically nearby?
  • Have you found new ways to work with colleagues who might be too far away for you to meet in person?
  • Have you established new work relationships with partners, supporters or commissioners who are nearby?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, and live or work in the UK, then we would like to hear from you. We are particularly interested either in new ways of working, or well-developed bodies of work on the subject.


What will happen with the submissions from this open call?

1. Redeye will compile The Power of Place Directory from as many as possible of those photographers who submit details. This directory is planned to communicate your work to a wide audience and inspire others looking to explore the subject or work in a more environmentally friendly way. 

2. Our colleagues at Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool, UK) will select a small number of applicants for exhibition as part of Peer to Peer Exchange Festival. One photographer will be selected for a commission to make new work in late summer 2022, for inclusion in the Peer to Peer festival.



Inclusion in the Directory (item 1 above) will be unpaid and voluntary.

Fees will be offered for participation in the Peer to Peer Exchange Festival 2022 (item 2).


How to apply

Please copy all the text from the application form below.

Put those headings and your responses into the body of an email, or a Word Doc, RTF document, or link to a Google Doc. If the latter please make sure to share the Google Doc with a public link.

Attach one image to your email in Jpeg format. Maximum email size 5MB.

Please use the subject Power of Place Submission. Email to by 27/06/2022.


We reserve the right to edit any submitted text for clarity. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the Directory.

Copyright in all work will remain with the applicant. By submitting work you grant Redeye and project partners a licence to use the work in the Power of Place Directory and related material.

If you have a query please use the above email address and use the subject Power of Place Query.



Please note that the five starred items may appear in the Power of Place Directory.

1. Your name *

2. Email address

3. Website

4. Social media links

5. Phone

6. Postcode

7. A short text about you and your work (max 200 words). *

8. A short text about your response to this brief. Feel free to discuss place either as a subject matter, or connected with how you work, or both (max 200 words). *

9. One image in Jpeg format attached to the email (Max 5MB). * 

10. One public link to your work - website or public social media. We suggest this is the first place people should look to find out more about you. *

11. Date and sign or type your name to indicate the following: 

I confirm that by submitting this form, I am happy for my work to appear on Redeye’s website or social media, and/or the websites or social media of Peer to Peer partners including Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool UK) and WMA (Hong Kong) in connection with this project. I live or work in the UK. I confirm that I own the copyright in all work submitted.


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