Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 23:45

Help wanted: we need your stories for a new history of Redeye...

Later this year, Redeye celebrates its 20th birthday. To mark this occasion, we are creating a history of the organisation. In keeping with our open and inclusive approach, we would like to include as many stories as possible from our colleagues, friends, attendees, members and subscribers.

Did anything interesting happen to you as a result of Redeye, or maybe at one of our events? Perhaps:

  • You met someone who was to become a mentor, partner, colleague or friend
  • You went in a new direction as a result of something you heard at a portfolio review, critique surgery, talk or masterclass
  • You saw some work that particularly inspired you
  • You tried a new approach in your business - or in your lifestyle
  • You had a funny, memorable or enjoyable experience

Whatever your work, we would love to hear from you! Professional photographer, artist, enthusiast, part of an organisation, student, academic, anything else - all perspectives are very welcome. If you have more than one experience, feel free to submit any number.

Please send us the following:

  1. Your name and contact email/phone number.
  2. A paragraph outlining the Redeye experience.
  3. Importantly, the year when it happened, or even the specific date if you know it. If you don’t know the date, but can name or describe the event, we can probably find that out.
  4. A photograph of yourself.
  5. If relevant to the story, a picture showing your photographic work.
  6. The credit you require for these images, and any restrictions on usage.


Please note, by submitting this material, you confirm that you own the copyright, or have the copyright holder’s consent and that you give us permission to publish it in a history which might be in printed or online form. We will credit all material, and you retain copyright. We will contact you for any other usage.

Images should ideally be between 2000 to 4000 pixels in the longer dimension, JPEGs compressed at around 60 to 80% (level 8 in Photoshop).

Send the material in an email with the words 'Redeye History' in the subject, to this address (

You should receive an automatic reply which confirms we have received your email. If you don’t receive a reply within an hour or so, please check your spam folder, then we suggest you phone us to check. Make sure you leave your full name and email address in any phone message.

(Photo credit: Hence the Boom on Unsplash)

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