Capricious Photo Award

Friday, June 15, 2018 - 00:00

The Capricious Award will provide one photographer with the resources and editorial support to bring a body of work to fruition. The award will be juried by photographers, critics and curators, with the intent to select a photographer whose work is both distinct in point of view and boldly relevant to the unfolding issues of our time. The award continues the legacy of Capricious Magazine, culminating in the form of a photo book.

The recipient will be awarded with financial and editorial resources, valued at $10,000, geared towards the production of a limited edition book.

About Capricious
Founded as a fine art photography magazine in 2004 by Sophie Mörner, Capricious Magazine has provided an unparalleled international platform for emerging and underrepresented artists. In 2017 we transformed the magazine into the Capricious Photo Award, while continuing a steady program of limited edition artist books.

For more information about entering visit The Capricious website.




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