Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 09:00
Have you ever felt a connection to an unknown person or felt drawn to a place that you’ve never been before for reasons you can’t explain? Tales of the Iconic is looking for submissions based on an inspiring individual or place, to be exhibited throughout Summer 2019 at The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge.

Occasionally throughout our lives, we develop deep, serene connections with complete strangers, artefacts and places. This connection can strike inspiration within us at random times and in rather unsystematic ways. Perhaps when visiting your regular haunt, you stumble across something or someone you’ve never seen before and your attention to detail awakens, or perhaps your town or village has a local landmark or character that in their own rights becomes a legend.

For the Tales of the Iconic exhibition, this call-out is looking for your visual representations of these experiences. Whether through a painting or photograph, a person, object or place, show how and why you’ve documented and connected with it. The description you give about your submission will also be exhibited alongside your selected work.

Submissions Now Open

Exhibition dates: Tuesday 9 July – Monday 5 August

Acceptance fee per exhibitor: £20

Please note - the acceptance fee may increase if your chosen submissions exceed approx 60cm (or 25inch) squared - we try to allocate an equal amount of wall space per exhibitor. (Please enquire about larger submissions prior to submitting, it will be accommodated where possible).

Sales commission: 25% sales commission goes to The Town Hall.

Deadline: Thursday 6 June 2019

Please use this link to submit via If you don’t use the Curator Space platform please email your submissions to
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