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Making great prints from your photographs is one of the key qualities for the successful photographer. We are delighted to announce a new residency to support analogue hand printing. This is a rare collaborative opportunity for a photographer to work in a state of the art darkroom with a top artisan printer.

Redeye members are invited to apply for The 2019 Redeye and University of Cumbria Print Residency. It’s free to apply and there is a significant and valuable award for the selected photographer.

It is aimed at any photographer working with analogue colour negative material, who would like to get the best possible quality from their prints. It also seeks to highlight the unique potential of the printer/photographer partnership and to acknowledge the resurgence of interest in analogue processes by the current generation of students.

The selected photographer will work with renowned printer Rob Sara, and receive a set of custom C-type hand prints. Now a tutor on the BA (Hons) Photography Degree, Rob has previously printed the work of Stephen Gill, Tom Wood and Simon Roberts amongst others.

You will be resident at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle for three days, from 5 to 7 November 2019. Accommodation and travel will be paid for. During this time and while your work is being printed, we also ask you to work with a group of students on a project of your making that responds to themes and methods of your own work. This brief will be given to students in advance of your visit and during your residency, you will join with tutors and students as they share, review and discuss their images made in response to your project.

These feedback sessions with groups of up to 20 students are unlikely to be more than three hours per day. Talking to students about your work is integral to the process.

It is open to any photographer who works with colour negative material, of any size up to 5x4 inch, including 35mm and 120. The deadline to apply is Monday 12 August 2019, 12pm. Redeye membership is open to anyone and costs from £4 per month, or £2.50 a month for students.

How to apply

Please send an email to with the title 2019 Print Residency Application, and include the following attachments:

1. Up to six images taken from a recent body of work made on colour negative. These must be scans of the negatives in Jpeg format, each no larger than 3000 pixels in the longer dimension, compressed at level 8, 60%, high-quality setting or similar. They must not already have been exhibited.

  • Submissions in colour preferred, but black and white submissions shot on negative may be considered.
  • You are free to make this work at any time before the deadline, whether already shot or shot specifically for applying to this Residency.
  • By 'recent', we mean that it is still relevant to your current practice.
  • It’s acceptable to have previously shown this work to others, but it should not have been exhibited as prints in a finished form.

2. A single document (doc, docx, rtf or pdf format) of no more than 1000 words, including:

  • Your name, phone number, address, email, and a link to your work online (website, Instagram etc).
  • Information about the submitted photographs (captions or a statement).
  • Information about your career, the place of analogue methods in your own practice, how the residency would help you, and the stage you are at in your work;
  • A proposal to devise and lead a short 3-day student project, that should link in some way to your own work. The proposal should include the rationale, your suggested approach, and the possible outcomes for the students. Please note that this does not need to use film; digital capture may be easier for practical reasons. There will be no more than 30 students taking part.

The maximum size of this email is 10MB.


The selection process:

One Redeye member will be selected, assessed on:

  • The coherence and quality of their submitted photographic work.
  • The accompanying statements.
  • The proposed project with the group of students.

The selection panel includes:

Louise Fedotov-Clements, Artistic Director, QUAD & Director of FORMAT International Photography Festival
Dr Sian Bonnell, Reader in Photography at MMU
Dewi Lewis, Photography Publisher

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 24 September, at the Redeye AGM.

If required, we aim to provide feedback on your entry, whether or not successful, within one month of your request.

By applying, you confirm that you agree with the following terms and conditions.

All applicants:

  • Must be Redeye members from at least the date on which they apply until the date the winner is announced.
  • Must have photographed the submitted work on negative.

The award winner:

  • Must remain a Redeye member until after the residency.
  • Should be available on the dates 5 to 7 November 2019, 9.30am to 4.30pm.
  • Must send one colour negative in advance of the residency to be assessed for printing. This will be returned.
  • Must agree to allow usage of one image as outlined below.
  • Must agree to allow the residency to be documented (photography, video or recordings).
  • Should submit a short report after the residency.

Usage of material:

  • The participant will own the work produced but agrees to supply Redeye and University of Cumbria a single image print for promotion and archive purposes.
  • Limited media usage of this image would be required by Redeye and UoC, only in connection with reporting and promotion of the Print Residency.

The printed work:

  • The residency will produce a series of analogue hand prints. The participant will be able to direct and discuss this process with the printer to produce print work ready for exhibition.
  • They will receive work that would have a significant commercial value. The maximum C-Type print size will be 20 x 24 inch. It is envisaged that a series of 12 or so prints would be made although technical considerations may increase or decrease this.

Redeye and The University of Cumbria undertake to cover the cost of reasonable travel, accommodation, and printing materials, and to supply the winner with the finished set of prints, appropriately packed.

Redeye and the University of Cumbria reserve the right to cancel the residency; however we will make every attempt to re-schedule if this is necessary or appropriate.


This is open to photographers at any level. The only condition is that work must have been shot on negative.

That’s fine, you just need to have a good, workable idea for a workshop project. You will be supported to deliver this workshop by University of Cumbria staff.

We just ask that it has not already appeared as prints at a public exhibition.

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