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Please note this job is now closed for applications.Edited 11 Aug 2011: FAQs added (see below)Redeye's events programme has a strong reputation for being innovative, imaginative, cutting edge and authoritative. It aims to help all photographers, with a range of events that answer questions they might have at various stages of their careers, whether beginners or established.

We are seeking someone who will be involved with all aspects of delivering our events programme, helping with planning and evaluating this programme, who can work flexibly and part-time, is reliable and resourceful, and who enjoys the idea of spending time with top photographers. The roles of the person we appoint will be:

• Working with other Redeye staff to plan and develop our events programme;
• Making sure events are delivered within budget;
• Researching, finding and contacting photographers, trainers, tutors, and other speakers, and liaising with them;
• Finding, liaising and negotiating with venues;
• Writing copy for events and uploading it to websites and social media;
• Working with designers to produce occasional promotional material;
• Cultivating a small team of volunteers to help at events;
• Making sure every aspect of an event is being dealt with;
• Reporting on events, and overseeing feedback and evaluation.

The appointment will initially be for 12.5 hours per week based at our office in Manchester. The salary is based on a full-time equivalent of £19,200 (37.5 hour week).

Deadline is 9:00 AM on 12 September 2011 for email applications.

Download the job pack in PDF format.

Download the job pack in RTF format.


We've been asked a few questions about this post.

Do I definitely need a full driving licence?

We currently use cars from time to time for our events. If you don't have a driving licence it would not rule you out for certain, as there might be ways around it, but might reduce your chances of success, depending on the qualifications of others who apply.

Can you explain how the 12.5 hours a week are decided or allocated?

The hours are likely to be concentrated around the delivery of events, and also might include time spent at events, which often take place at evenings or weekends, as well as regular programme meetings, which take place during weekday daytimes. The 12.5 hours per week is an average figure, based on how long we think the co-ordinator will need to work on all our events. If you need to work the same hours every week, this job might not be suitable for you.

How likely is it that the hours will be increased? If they are, when is this likely to happen?

We don't know at this stage. It will depend on how successful our events are and whether it is cost-effective to increase the number of events. The work of the events co-ordinator will of course play a role in this.

What if I can't make the scheduled interview dates?

Please tell us in the covering letter part of the application form, and let us know your availability immediately before or after the scheduled interview dates. However this will reduce your chance of being interviewed.

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