The Retired Performers Project – Time and Tide is an Arts Council funded photography series exploring stories around retired performers with connections to Blackpool active and prior to the 1970s throughout 2018.

The photography project documents 30 performers through image and audio collecting “hidden” stories of Blackpool’s performance-based heritage through memories, spaces and the backdrop of Blackpool. The documentary includes music, personal heritage archives and interviews. Participants are invited to be photographed in spaces they once performed in, such as The Circus Ring, The Winter Gardens Theatres and against aesthetic backdrops of Blackpool.

Over 9 months, a website will be populated with images of performers and will stand as a long-term document paying homage to performance individuals whose memories of place (Blackpool) have high esteem and allow audiences a glimpse into “backstage” nostalgia and personal storytelling. Audios will be created alongside sound artist Rick from Other Worlds Festival.

Large-scale photographs will be installed in high footfall areas across Blackpool, engaging residents and visitors of Blackpool in a non-traditional, organic way to follow The Time and Tide participant’s stories via image and audio pieces.

The project encourages cross-generational storytelling and respect for Blackpool as a destination in performance and the people who made it so. Participants include: Ice dancers, Circusettes, Blackpool Tower Orchestra Members, Dancers, Tower Ballet, drag queens with expectation for the project to continue after the initial 9 month period.

Should you be an individual who worked in performance in Blackpool in or prior to the 1970s, please contact Claire via: 
t: 07791494173

For more information about the project, click here

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