As many of you know, at the beginning of February the photography world was shocked by the news that key parts of the National Photographic Collection at the National Media Museum are to move to the V&A in London. In a statement from the Media Museum, Jo Quinton-Tulloch writes of the museum's decision to change focus 'to explore the science and culture of light and sound'. 

Many of you have expressed concerns about this decision, voicing disappointment about the depletion of Bradford's resources and the damage to the broader Northern photographic community. The Redeye team, along with the Northern Photography Consortium, is in the process of speaking to all parties to try and ensure the best possible outcome for the collection.

Redeye's Paul Herrmann writes: "This is a big loss for photography in the North - and a blow not just to the Media Museum collections, but its specialist staff, who have an irreplaceable fund of knowledge, and the surrounding community. We're determined to do what we can to save the idea of a National Museum of Photography, and are talking to everyone concerned to see if there's the chance to negotiate a better solution."



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