11 days on from the vote to leave the EU, and I've had emails from about 20 organisations telling me they're a safe pair of hands and explaining what's going to happen. 

The trouble is, as Socrates or Sam Goldwyn might have put it... Nobody knows nothing

Redeye would like to find out what you think about the results, and any suggestions on how we can support you.

We've set up a survey and we'd be really pleased if you'd spend a few minutes telling us your views.

A couple of personal observations. Firstly, the law. A fair bit of my Redeye time is spent keeping an eye on European legislation. Although for members of the EU, European law takes precedence over national law, UK politicians have often expressed the desire to make changes, for example to human rights and copyright law, both of which significantly affect creative practitioners. Photographers do have a good understanding of the law but we'll need to keep alert if, as seems possible, so much law will need to be redrafted.

Secondly, collaborations. It's only by working together that we can really make progress. The trouble is, any collaboration, from the smallest organisation right up to the European Union, is fraught with difficulty. Every collaborative venture has a natural tendency to fall apart. People tend to feel undervalued and that they're doing more than their fair share. Common ground and benefits are forgotten and differences magnified. It's easy to do nothing, stamp your feet or drop out; more difficult to stay patient and keep building. Collaborations only work when partners agree to put in a bit more than they expect, to spend time just working on the relationship and communication, and to leave their egos at the door. To me, this vote is a reminder of how much we need to nurture and treasure collaborative projects.

Anyway, here's the survey link.

It's also a good time to mention we'll be launching a new series of workshops in autumn for photographers and artists looking to improve their business models - be more productive, earn more, work smarter and reach new clients. By then it might be clearer where we all stand and no doubt there'll be time devoted to this subject.

Paul Herrmann
Director, Redeye, the Photography Network

Image at the top by Johnathan Clover

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