Farnell Photolab closes

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Farnell Photolab in Lancaster announced its closure on 29 Februrary, just weeks short of its 20th birthday.

A favourite lab for top photographers across the North of England, Farnell's had supported Redeye in producing exhibitions over the last ten years.

The lab was known for its personal service: in recent months it had worked with Lancaster University to crack the processing of Kodachrome for a distraught customer who had missed the deadline for Kodak processing.

In a letter to customers, owner David Farnell cited "the difficult trading conditions faced by the industry," and added "I will miss my work very much and am greatly saddened to see the decline of the photographic trade. However, over the last 20 years I have been very fortunate to have customers who are both excellent photographers and people that I have come to regard as friends and I would like to thank you for your custom and your company."

He told Redeye that all outstanding orders had been fulfilled before the closure, and that he planned to continue working in the photographic trade.

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