Exhibition: Gaskell House

An exhibition by Simon Jones: Dotted around the rooms of Gaskell House, the home of the writer Elizabeth Gaskell, a series of images can be found that reveal glimpses of what could be described as “the building’s memory”. Fragments of narratives, buildings and past inhabitants and visitors can be seen to emerge from under the floorboards and skirting boards. The images are not in any particular order, nor are they any kind of bold statement. They are a rather more quite reminder from the house of what it has taken part in. Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-65) lived in this Manchester house from 1850, and it is here that all but the first of her books were written. Gaskell House is open to the public on the first Sunday of each month and the exhibition can been viewed on these open days 12pm – 4pm.

More information: www.simonjohnjones.co.uk\n

Redeye, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU, UK
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