Drawn by Light

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Documentary maker Callum Barton recorded interviews at the 2016 NPS and has recently published the audio documentary Drawn by Light, his account of the southbound transfer of the Royal Photographic Society collection. 

Earlier this year, one of the world's most important photography archives was relocated in a controversial and divisive transfer. 

The publicly-owned Royal Photographic Society (RPS) collection was removed from a young, struggling museum in Bradford, and gifted to one of the most prestigious museums - in one of the wealthiest postcodes - in the country.

Weaving together first-hand accounts from those directly involved in the transfer, Drawn by Light tells a story of centralised power and the uneven impact of austerity on the nation's cultural life.

See the full account and listen to the audio documentary here

Photo: Snapshot of the research timetable for Drawn by light © Callum Barton

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