Belfast Photo Festival

Belfast Photo Festival is back running from the 3rd - 30th of June! 


With a range of insightful and timely discussions which can be attended or viewed post event. As well as portfolio views and offline tours, this month will be packed with something for every artist. 


Taking “Future(s)” as its theme, this years festival tackles issues as diverse as climate change, migration, the advancement of technology, government surveillance and the power of protest, to explore how the future is shaped by our actions in the present. Rather than presenting a singular vision of what this future might be or look like, the festival instead offers up a speculative, imaginative glimpse into the myriad possibilities of what might lie ahead.

Many of the exhibitions and events in this year’s festival are underpinned by the particular urgency of rethinking our future in light of events of the past year, which have not only altered the course of humanity, but have also deepened and illuminated stark inequalities in society at large. 

In our era of pandemics, global migration, political upheaval and technological connection—when perhaps the future has never felt so unclear—the 2021 Belfast Photo Festival offers up a refreshing and provocative programme of exhibitions and events that urge us all to question: What kind of world do we want to collectively create?


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