Talk: Arpita Shah

26 March 2019, 18:00 to 19:30

Arpita Shah is a photographic artist and educator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She works between photography and film, exploring the fields where culture and identity meet. As an India-born artist, Shah spent an earlier part of her life living between India, Ireland and the Middle East before settling in the UK.

This migratory experience is reflected in her practice, which often focuses on the notion of home, belonging and shifting cultural identities. Shah’s work tends to draw from Asian and Eastern mythology, using it both visually and conceptually to explore the issues of cultural displacement in the Asian Diaspora.

This talk is part of the GRAIN 2019 talks programme, GRAIN hosts evening talks given by artists and photographers, throughout the year and in collaboration with its partners from across the Midlands. 

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Image: Purdah Series, 2013, (c) Arpita Shah

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