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Responding to a Landscape will explore, debate and review the evolving relationship between artists and photographers and the landscape. Hear from a number of perspectives, from acclaimed practitioners for which landscape is a recurring subject, a social and environmental concern, a research and archive practice and an essential departure. What does landscape and our natural world look like and mean to photographers and artists today? 

The symposium has been planned in conjunction with the exhibition Matthew Murray’s Saddleworth; Responding to a Landscape, premiered at mac, Birmingham. Murray is interested in depicting the landscape based on what he feels rather than what he sees.  His landscape work is a personal story and odyssey. His Saddleworth is the result of a five-year creative and sensitive journey that captures the beauty of the moorland landscape. 

The symposium invites acclaimed and outstanding photographers, artists, writers and photography historians to talk about their work and relationship with the landscape. Those speaking alongside Murray include; Richard Billingham, Chrystel Lebas, Jem Southam, Camilla Brown, Simon Constantine, John Hillman, Craig Ashley, Sharon Harper and Mark Wright. 

The project is supported by GRAIN Projects, Arts Council England, Gallery Vassie, mac Birmingham, Pirate Design and the University of Gloucestershire.

More information can be found here

Photo: Saddleworth  © Matthew Murray

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