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The second course, which is running this September, is now available to book. See our events page here for more information.

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Background to the course

Redeye is committed to being a supportive network for photographers, providing information and advice to help build photographic careers. We already run a variety of events and content covering networking, business support, workshops in various skills, mentoring and more. As part of this support we also want to help photographers and the wider community to address the climate crisis, recognising the impact that we can all have to take positive environmental action.

For the past year, Redeye’s Helena Lee has been working with the Carbon Literacy Project to put together a course for photographers to gain accreditation as a Climate Aware Photographer. We believe this course is the first of its kind and it is open to photographers of any genre, experience and background. It's a space for you to learn more about the effects of climate change worldwide, consider your impact on the environment and discuss ways to commit to reducing your carbon footprint within your photographic work and your lifestyle. This tailored course will highlight issues within the industry and provide inspiration and a supportive environment where you can discuss your working methods and look for areas to make positive environmental impact.


Course aims

  • To gain awareness about the climate crisis and how the photographic sector can take action and communicate about climate change.
  • To gain knowledge and skills to reduce your carbon footprint and build your own low carbon photographic practice.
  • To understand the value and impact of your actions.
  • To gain certification from the Carbon Literacy Project and Redeye as a ‘Climate Aware Photographer’.


How will the course be run?

  • The course consists of three 2-hour sessions and will be delivered online via Zoom by Redeye staff.
  • The sessions include case studies and learning from your peers through discussion.
  • After each session you will be given some homework which gets you thinking about your practice and actions you can take both individually and as a group to reduce your environmental impact.
  • At the end of the course you will end up with an action plan to reduce your carbon footprint, which you will submit to the Carbon Literacy Project to obtain the accreditation.
  • Once accredited you will be a Climate Aware Photographer. You will then be able to use the logo on your website, business cards, social media etc to show you are committed to reducing your impact on the environment. This could attract the attention of commissioners and buyers who want to work with the most environmentally friendly photographers.


More about the Carbon Literacy Project

  • The Carbon Literacy Project is run by the Carbon Literacy Trust, based in Manchester UK. Their aim is to offer everyone the chance to take part in training about climate change and Carbon Literacy.
  • Find out more at their website.


The first course launched in April 2022 and is now full, so if you would like to stay informed about later courses and potentially become one of the world’s first accredited Climate Aware Photographers, then sign up using the link below.

Your details will only be used to inform you about this scheme. If you are already registered with Redeye you will continue to receive other communication as normal. If you have any questions please get in touch.


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